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  • Use shortcuts to improve your experience on Reeport

Reeport offers the opportunity to use shortcuts when building and viewing your Reports.

Multi-select elements[Shift] + Click
Move selected Widgets pixel per pixel[Up]
Move selected Widgets according to
your grid size (10 pixels, 20 pixels, etc)
[Shift] + [Up]
[Shift] + [Down]
[Shift] + [Left]
[Shift] + [Right]
Zoom in[Shift] + [+]
Zoom out[Shift] + [-]
Grid size up[Shift] + [Alt] + [+]
Grid size down[Shift] + [Alt] + [-]
Keep ratio while resizing[Shift] + Resize
Multi-select elements[Shift] + Click
Delete selected element[Backspace]
Unselect element[Esc]

Shortcuts do not work when holding keys!

Updated on August 18, 2017

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