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Create and Edit a Master

This article will help you to

  • Understand what a Master is
  • Create a Master
  • Edit a Master


A Master is a template which may be used as a Report’s background. Masters in Report work very much like themes in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Only Widgets Image, Shape and Text are available during the creation of a Master.

Creating a Master

To create a Master:

  • Hit the “Display” tab at the Page level Reeport - Edit and Create a Master - Display tab
  • Hit “Select a master” and click on “Add one” to create a new one
  • You will then be in front of a blank Page where you can use Shape, Image and Text Widgets
  • Once finished, you can go back to your Page
Master example

Create your Master…Reeport - Edit and Create a Master - Master

…and use it on your Page:Reeport - Edit and Create a Master - Master in use

Note that Text Widgets can be dynamic by using variables, for example to define titles, dates and indexes.

Reeport - Edit and Create a Master - Text variables

Editing a Master

You can edit your Master from the Library or from the Display tab at the Page level. Note that all your changes will impact all the Pages using your Master.

Updated on July 4, 2017

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