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Edit the Data Input

This article will help you to

  • Understand what we call a Data Input
  • Edit a Data Input
  • Understand how the inheritance principle applies to a Data Input


The Data Input is made of two pieces of information: the Date Range and the Data Source.

Easy to remember!

Data Input = Date Range + Data Source

The Data Source allows you to set where to fetch the data from and the Date Range allows you to apply a timeframe to whatever data you are fetching.

Editing the Data Input

To edit your Data Input, find the Data Input box (located at the bottom right corner) which should be visible whenever one of the following elements is selected: Report, Section, Page, Widget, Column Set (aka Metric set), Column (aka Metric).

Reeport - Edit a Data Input

To edit the Date Range or Data Source, simply hit the corresponding area of the box and make the changes. Remember that when you edit a Data Input used by lower hierarchical levels, the changes will trickle down.

Likewise, when you see the blue “default” icon, it means that your Data Input is inherited from one or several levels above.

Reeport Inheritance data input

This leads us to the inheritance principle.

About the inheritance principle

The inheritance principle applies to the Data Input. This means that if you set a Data Input for your Report, all the Widgets you create within the said Report would by default have the same.

Inheritance principle

On Reeport, components are inherited as follows: Report > Section > Page > Widget > Column Set > Column

For instance, if you create a monthly report where the Date Range is set to “Last Month”, then all the Widgets’ Date Ranges under that Report would be set to “Last Month” by default.

Now, imagine you want to have the exact same report on a weekly basis. All you’d have to do is duplicate your monthly report and change the Date Range to “Last Week”. That way, you just created a weekly reports in 2 clicks where all the Widgets show data for “Last week”!

Overwritting the inheritance principle

You can overwrite the Date Range and Data Source at every level of the app. In that case, the same inheritance principle will then apply to the sub-levels.

For more on the inheritance principle, check out this article : Understand the inheritance principle

Updated on October 12, 2018

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