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Create your first widget: Bar Chart example

This article will help you to

  • Discover all the Widget types
  • Create a Widget
  • Configure a Widget


In Reeport, Widgets are objects you can use to visualize data. Widgets are created on a Page and are fully editable.

There are three types of Widgets:

  • Data Widgets
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Design Widgets

In this article, we will walk you through the creation of a Data Widget: the bar chart.

Widget types

Data Widgets

Table Widget

KPI Widget

Barchart Widget

Horizontal Barchart Widget

Help Reeport - Areachart WidgetAreachart Widget

Donut Widget

Radar Widget

Linechart Widget

Bar-Linechart Widget

Treemap Widget

Sunburst Widget

Bubble Widget

Scatter Plot Widget


Custom Widgets

Help Reeport Widget TemplateWidget from a Template

Dynamic Filter


Design Widget

Text Widget

Image Widget



Throughout the following example, we are going to use Google Analytics data. To use a bar chart for another data source, just change the data source in the bottom-right corner.

Create a bar chart

  • Click on the bar chart Widget icon on the left-hand menu

Data visualization charts options to create widget

  • Click on the Widget

Data visualization click to create widget

  • On the right-hand side, you’ll see the settings for your Widget. Once on the Data tab, select a Dimension by clicking on the “List” button

Data visualization dimension list to create widget dimensions

  • Select the appropriate dimension in the list. Let’s pick “Week (cross-API)”

data visualization week dimenson to create widget

  • Now, let’s select a Metric by clicking on the “List” button

data visualization metrics to create widget

  • Select the appropriate metric in the list. Let’s pick “Sessions”

data visualization sessions metric to create widget

  • Go to the “Display” tab to change the widget formatting

data visualization display menu to create widget

Details of each section:

  • Data Visualization Type :
    • Changed your mind? This is where you can choose other visualization formats (i.e. a donut chart instead of a bar chart)
  • Generic options
    • Define the position of the Widget at a pixel precision level
    • Set the data points limit
    • Edit the sorting order
  • Background options
    • Background color
  • Display options
    • Title
    • Dates
    • Axis
    • Values and legend options
  • Style options
    • Color palette
    • Text size and format
  • Advanced options
    • Min and Max options
    • Dimension breakdown (when applicable)
    • Stacked bars options (when applicable)
Updated on October 23, 2018

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