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This article will help you to

  • Create a Report
  • Add and edit Sections
  • Add and edit Pages

A Report is located under a Folder and may contain several Sections. It can be made of one or several Pages. A one-Page Report can be useful if you’re looking to put together a large dashboard while you can also create a hundred-Page Report for your quarterly business review.

Create a Report

  1. Go to a Folder and click on “Create Report”
  2. Choose a Folder where you want to create your Report, or create a FolderReeport - Report choose folder
  3. Name your Report, set your Data Input and hit ‘Next step’
    Reeport - Report Data Input
  4. Choose a format and hit “Create”. You may either use a predefined format or define your own.Reeport - Report choose format

Once your Report created, you can add Sections and Pages.

Add and edit Sections

A Section is like a way for you to separate and group the Pages in your Report. It thus allows you to organize your workspace and to manipulate Data Input and Conditions easily across Sections and Pages. Lastly, it’s worth noting that you can duplicate Sections and Pages which allows you to save a lot of time!


You have Report based on data  across several countries. You can build a Section with a Condition filtering for a specific country. You can then duplicate this Section and apply a Condition to filter for another country. As a result you just built a Report with relevant KPIs for each country in a few clicks!

To create a Section:

  • Click on “New Section”
  • Name your Section and configure your Data Input if necessary

Add and edit Pages

A Page is located under a Section and may contain several Widgets.

To create a Page:

  • Hit “Add Page” from the Section screen
  • It is then recommended to name it
  • By default, the Section’s Data Input applies but feel free to edit it
  • Once on the Page, you can add as many Widgets as you want.

For more information on Widget creation, please visit Create a Widget.

Beyond Report creation

Once your done creating your Report, note that you can:

  • Create a Broadcast for scheduled sharing via email for instance
  • Use the Export feature to download all or part of your Report at any point in time


To learn how to create a Broadcast, please visit the Broadcast overview article.

To learn how to use the Export feature, please visit the Export overview article.

Updated on August 16, 2018

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