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Create a KPI Widget

This article will help you to

  • Create a basic KPI Widget (aka Scorecard)
  • Use the advanced mode to fine-tune your KPI Widgets

A KPI Widget (or Scorecard) is a basic but efficient Data Widget, showing clearly one main metric. The optimal configuration is to add a comparison and the evolution

Create a basic KPI Widget

  • Click on the KPI Widget icon on the left-side panel

  • Select your first Metric on the right-side panel. To do so, click on the “List” button and select the Metric you want – in our example we’ll useĀ “Sessions” from Google Analytics

Use the advanced mode to fine-tune your KPI Widgets

We’ll now take you to the steps to build the growth rate for the Metric “Sessions” from Google Analytics. The same steps apply for other Metrics.

  • Double click on the Widget to get to the Advanced mode
  • Select “Sessions” for Metric B as well (1)
  • For Metric C, input the following formula in order to calculate the growth rate (2): (A-B)/B
  • Click on Column B (3) and, on the bottom-right corner, click on the Date Range (4)

  • Click on the “Compare” tab (1) and select “Previous Period” (2)

  • You can now see that the Date Range for Column B is referencing the 28 days preceding the last 28 (1).
  • For column B and C, click on the blue arrow (2) and click on “Show” (3)

  • Click on Column C (1) to display the value as a percentage by choosing “Percent” under Number Formatting, and put “0” for Precision to remove decimals (2)
  • Let’s go back to Basic mode to work on the design (3)

  • Select your Widget and, from the “Display” tab (1), unfoldĀ the “Display options” to choose the values you’d like to display on the Widget (2)


Updated on October 26, 2018

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