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  • Set up a Broadcast on your Report
  • Manage Broadcasts across Reports and Users

Broadcasting a Report allows you to schedule an email to send out a Report to one or several email adresses in a recurring manner (daily, weekly, monthly). The Report can be sent in a PDF, PPT, or XLS format or in the email body.

Create a Broadcast

You can create a Broadcast from your Report by clicking  Reeport - Broadcast button. A panel on the right-hand side will appear, that’s where you can set up and manage one or several Broadcast(s) for your given Report. You should see the following upon hitting the Reeport - button add onebutton:

Reeport - Broadcast Edition
Reeport – Broadcast Edition
1- Email Subject

There, you can write the subject of the scheduled email. Text variables can be used to set dynamic fields based on the frequency, date, or name of your Report.

2- Email Content

There, you can input any text to be incorporated in the email body. Text variables can also be used to set dynamic fields based on the frequency, date, or name of your Report.

3- Actions

You can test your Broadcast by clicking on Reeport - Send me a test email button so it is sent to you by email before activating the Broadcast for others. By clicking on Reeport - Send broadcast now button, an email is immediately sent to your recipient(s) no matter the recurrence settings. You have to have at least one recipient to send your Broadcast immediately.

4- Recipients

Recipients are email adresses which will receive your Broadcast. Click on Reeport - Manage button to add existing Recipients or new ones.

5- Type

By sending your Broadcast, you can choose how your Report will be displayed – as an attached file or directly in the email body. When your Report is an attached file you have to choose among the following formats: PDF, PPT, or XLS.

6- Recurrence

Set the time and recurrence for your Broadcast according to the desired frequency: daily, weekly or monthly.


Once done with setting up your Broadcast, don’t forget to hit “Save”, or “Save and activate”.

Manage Broadcasts

You can manage your Broadcasts from the Broadcast tab on the navigation bar.

Reeport - Broadcast Library

On the left-hand panel, each tab allows you to manage Broadcasts as follows:

  • Broadcasts: Manage Broadcasts of all your Reports
  • Reports: Sort Broadcasts by Reports
  • Users: Sort Broadcasts by recipients

Here is a short video to explain how to proceed :

Updated on November 27, 2019

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